boost your advertising CR by turning your ads into tangible saving offers on mobile
Ad Interaction Platform

ECHOTAG Platform provides call-for-action features to mobile user to increase CTR and ROI in advertising by improving engagement and collecting post-delivery feedback on mobile content such as ads, news and video.

The Platform has been created to improve engagement and collect post-delivery feedback on mobile content such as ads, news and video by providing one-touch interactivity features to the mobile user.


ECHOTAG is a middleware platform, which utilizes high end ACR technologies to raise advertising CRs and ROI, thus adding new power to the way brands create and conduct ad campaigns

In order to increase consumer engagement, the ECHOTAG Platform captures any type of advertising content and stores it on the mobile phone in the form of tangible offers and discounts that can be used at any time, either online or in local retail chains.

To achieve this goal, the ECHOTAG aggregates all existing ACR technologies: sound recognition on TV and radio; capture of digital banners and videos; delivery of offers and discounts by geolocation, WiFi discovery, mobile triangulation, and through BLE beacons, as well as recognition of images on the screen, billboards and printed materials.

As a middleware platform, ECHOTAG employs Web Services approach for integration with existing IT ecosystem of any organization involved in producing and/or publishing of digital and over-the-air content.

What does ECHOTAG do

How does ECHOTAG do it

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    Content owner submits content to ECHOTAG Server.
  • 2-1-1.png
    End User logs in to mobile app >> Mobile app provides the anonymous User ID to SDK >> SDK submits it to the server >> Server creates a corresponding internal User ID and creates the authentication pair.
  • 3
    An offer, or interactive object, or music track is captured by SDK >> Mobile app displays it to the End User.
  • 4
    Mobile app defines appropriate notification type and frequency, and displays the capture notification to the End User.
  • 5
    End User receives captured objects, and reacts on them by clicking, interacting, or sharing the object >>The capture event, as well as the user’s reaction on it is reported by SDK to the server.
  • 6
    Server adds corresponding User ID pair, and creates a database record for user capture or reaction.
  • 7
    Content owners, as well as mobile app owners retrieve user activity and content statistics reports from the server.


Easily portable


With its multi-node hierarchical structure and extensive role management capabilities,
ECHOTAG seamlessly integrates with your organization business workflow

ECHOTAG is revolutionary, useful, and easy to implement. It provides an ROI-increasing solution to brands by adding unprecedented post-delivery features to advertising and content distribution workflow.

ECHOTAG — next generation advertising


ECHOTAG captures all audible, digital and local ads, and converts them into tangible saving offers notifiable to the mobile user.

Increased CTR

Captured items remain on the mobile device for future use, thus increasing the probability for clicks at the convenient time


ECHOTAG captures all types of interactive content such as surveys, quizzes, or votes, and provides for one-touch interactions with them.


User reaction data is collected on the ECHOTAG server for future analysis and retargeting.

Who benefits and how

  • Capture savings offers on mobile devices, and store them for the future use with predefined filtering capabilities
  • Capture offers from TV and radio without Internet connection
  • Respond to TV and radio quizzes and surveys during a broadcast with a single tap on the mobile device
  • Share captured promotional offers with friends
  • Simplify shopping from mobile devices
  • Capture and store favorite music
  • Convert generic brand ads into local offers
  • Deliver offers based on the consumer’s geolocation
  • Update or modify offers related to previously broadcasted ad
  • Increase sales from mobile devices
  • Access user activity data including all subsequent activity inspired by offer sharing
  • Drastically increase PPC sales on digital ads
  • Earn fresh PPC on over-the-air ads
  • Provide respective advertisers with higher ROI on their ad campaigns
  • Measure and identify the audience for every program
  • Conduct interactive for-the-prize quizzes and surveys
  • Present sponsors and their offers on the viewer’s mobile device during a contest, quiz or a survey broadcast
  • Receive real-time statistics on audience engagement