Since January 2015, ECHOTAG Corporation (California, USA) has been researching and expanding the possibilities of using ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technologies to increase CTR, CR and ROI in advertising and media.

The company’s main product is the ECHOTAG Mobile Media Interaction Platform.
To increase consumer loyalty to products and services, the Platform captures any type of advertising content and stores it on the mobile phone in the form of tangible offers and discounts that can be used at any time, either online or in local retail chains.

To achieve this goal, the Platform aggregates all existing ACR technologies: audio recognition on TV and radio; capture digital banners and videos; delivery of offers and discounts based on location, WiFi discovery, mobile triangulation and through BLE beacons; as well as recognition of images on the screen, billboards and printed materials.

In October 2018 the first release of the ECHOTAG Platform was successfully tested by the Cox Media Group in the USA, and is currently in preparation for a pilot project.

In parallel with this, in May of this year, ECHOTAG is planning to launch the process of scanning a large number of commercials from US TV and radio broadcasts.

About forty private television channels and radio stations have expressed their willingness to integrate ECHOTAG technology into their mobile applications as soon as this process has gathered a sufficient amount of recognizable advertising.

For May 2019, a pilot project is scheduled to launch in Ukraine in conjunction with Unilever and StarLightMedia based on the Teleportal mobile app.


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