Questions & Answers

What is ECHOTAG?

With the use of ACR (Automated Content Recognition) technologies, ECHOTAG provides turnkey PaaS (Platform as a Service) software solution for adding mobile interactivity to over-the-air and digital advertising campaigns on mobile devices, television, radio, streaming media, and in the local shopping centers.

How does ECHOTAG work?
– ECHOTAG allows ad producer to register the ad with ECHOTAG server by adding to it an audio fingerprint as well as the companion info such as a coupon or a discount offer. – The registered ad is captured by the consumer’s mobile app at the time of broadcast or digital delivery, or in proximity with the advertised product. – The companion offer is stored in the mobile device, so the user is able to use it at any time in the store or online, as well as to share it with friends.
Consumer will never lose valuable savings broadcasted over media, delivered digitally, or available locally, and even share them with friends.

Brands increase their ROIs by getting better engagement with their consumers, as well as more accurate statistics on their ad campaigns.

Agencies and mobile apps extend the portfolio of their offerings to brands by adding ad-capturing services the brands are to be paying for in the form of PPC and CPM.

The market researchers improve the reliability of their data by adding the real life statistics on consumer’s reaction to the ads.

With ECHOTAG, broadcasters and content networks will measure and identify the audience for every program, conduct interactive for-the-prize quizzes and surveys, present sponsors and their offers on the viewer’s mobile device during a contest, quiz or a survey broadcast, and receive real-time statistics on audience engagement.

Consumer continues to use popular mobile apps provided by TV, radio and other broadcasters and shopping chains, assuming that the ECHOTAG Decoder SDK is integrated within those apps.

With ECHOTAG, any ad creative delivered to the mobile device or broadcasted over the air is being captured, and the user is able to follow or directly act on the accompanying promotion or offer.
In the digital world, there are Google AdSense, Yllix Media and many others who provide data on ad impressions and clicks. ECHOTAG goes far beyond that. It provides for the post-delivery interaction, retrievable offers, viral sharing, consumer identification, and precise retargeting.
In the world of over-the-air and cable broadcast, there are several service providers, such as ActusView, Mufin and Alphonso, which monitor the ad impressions across networks. However, none of them goes beyond registering the impression, leaving brands to set up a supporting system to retarget the consumer on their own. The end-user for these platforms (the TV viewer or radio listener) is not presented with an option to interact with the promotion (except dialing a certain 800 phone number), and is not even aware of the fact that their impression was registered.
ECHOTAG does register the impressions on TV and radio too, but for us it is only the first step. As with the digital ads, ECHOTAG focuses on providing the unique set of post-delivery features for all: broadcasters, brands, ad agencies, and the consumer.
We strongly believe that there is no way to improve consumer engagement without presenting consumers with a straightforward incentive and the way to take advantage of it.
We stand-alone and differ from all other audience metrics vendors by offering a host of post-delivery services in addition to ad impression data; providing an ability to deliver complementary content such as offers and promotions to the user’s mobile devices. Thus, we enrich the viewer’s experience and make a much better use of the broadcasted ad, delivering far more valuable audience engagement and recognition.
Users are encouraged to interact with the captured offer, save it, or share it with friends, thus empowering the viral distribution of the offer. In 2017, 53% mobile device users overall and 90% of millennials shared deals socially, with each user having an average 200 social connections to share them with.
We follow the viewer’s subsequent activities such as clicks and the number of shares related to the captured offers, so content producers do not have to guess as to how much coverage they are getting with their deployed creative. We also collect data on engagement from secondary recipients (friends), and continue to do so for the entire period in which the ad is still running.
In summary, while other ACR platforms simply confirm the delivery of content, ECHOTAG provides a unique set of user incentive and call-to-action features, as well as post-delivery capabilities not available anywhere else on the market.
From a technological standpoint, unlike others, the ECHOTAG Platform is available as a portable middleware for integration with existing software over its server-to-server API and Mobile SDK.