Integrate ECHOTAG

ECHOTAG provides integrators with fully equipped Sandbox environment. Implementation of ECHOTAG features within existing IT infrastructure would require porting of the ECHOTAG Mobile SDK into the mobile app.

If required, the server-to-server integration is also available over the server-side API for getting the audible ads fingerprinted and affiliated deals/offers added to them programmatically.

The statistics data for consumer activity can be retrieved either manually through ECHOTAG’s existing Web Portal, or programmatically over the server-side API.

Please, register for ECHOTAG Pilot to receive access to the integration resources and documentation.

Integration Pilot Roadmap

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    Port ECHOTAG Decoder SDK
    With our hands-on support, integrator adopts ECHOTAG Mobile SDK into the chosen mobile app.
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    Index advertising audio clip
    1. For live advertising: With ECHOTAG Fingerprint Scanner, the content manager scans an advertising audio clip, after which the scanned audio clip is automatically registered in the ECHOTAG database. 2. For digital advertising: The content manager connects to the cloud-based ECHOTAG Content Management Portal and adds advertising information to the video, which will later be delivered to the mobile user via digital channels
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    Add offers to the marked ads
    For all marked ads, ad managers add URLs for corresponding promotional offers.
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    Broadcast ads, capture and share promotional offers
    Integrator broadcasts the watermarked creatives to a selected focus group, so the viewers/listeners would capture them on their mobile devices, and will be able to use and share the affiliated promotions.
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    Collect statistics
    Ad manager collects statistic data for the offers captured by the focus group.
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    Move to Production
    Upon completing the integration pilot, the integrator will have a proven concept for the ECHOTAG usability within integrator’s existing IT infrastructure, and will be able to deploy the updated mobile app to the App Store. It is important to understand that while the process of adding ECHOTAG Mobile SDK to your mobile app would require just about a couple of hours of coding, the successful integration would also require your mobile app development team to properly incorporate the new functions provided by ECHOTAG into the app’s GUI. We possess extensive experience of integrating ECHOTAG with various apps, and are ready to share this experience with your development team.